Rest on the place or close by

Do you prefer doing nothing and relaxing on site?
At the pool you will refresh and rest.
You stroll through the vast park with various species. You picnic.
You play a game of bowls.

You borrow a book or magazine from the library lounge. You will see the documentation of the reception.

You can sit comfortably in the room for a relaxing massage.

Once rested, you can go to the cinema, the theater, listen to stories or take part in a storytelling,
Walk in markets, participate in local festivities, visit craftsmen’s workshops potters, ceramists,
sculptors, painters, ironworkers, appreciate the local specialities in the restaurants, stroll through the vineyards,
taste the nougateries products, olive oil mills, snail farms, chestnut groves, cheese makers,
honey products, breweries, distilleries of essential oils, asineries …
All the good addresses are communicated to you with great pleasure.